Writing Rituals – Your guide to overcoming writer’s block and procrastination.

writing rituals book coverWrite faster – and earn more – by learning the productivity skills of professional writers.

How much of your “writing time” is lost to distractions and procrastination?

How many hours do you lose simply because you are not staying tightly focused on your writing?

And how much more would you earn if your writing productivity increased by 25%, 50% or more?

If you write for a living, you need to be productive every day.

A lucky few seem to have been born with the ability to be madly productive without any extra effort. But most of us require some help. We use to-do lists, scheduling applications and any other tool we can use to stay organized, on track and focused.

But more often than not, even those tools don’t help us much.

So what’s happening? Why can’t we just knuckle down and do our work?

That’s a good question.

The key is to understand that all those distractions are symptoms of other problems we have with our work and work environment.

We open the door to distractions only when we fail to prepare for and execute each writing task in a clear, uncluttered and structured way.

Writing Rituals takes you through a sequence of five rituals which, when applied, will almost certainly help you not only maintain a higher and consistent level of productivity, but will also help you improve the quality of your writing.

“I just wanted to drop you a line and say “thanks” for the Rituals. Although I have been very blessed in my writing practice, and I love what I do… I find myself constantly struggling with distraction.

I’ve never missed a deadline… but I have probably shaved a few years off my life because of procrastination-induced stress.

Now, thanks to your book, I have an understanding of why I behave this way. Even better, I now know how to overcome this problem once and for all. I really appreciate this book — so again, thank you!”

Ray Edwards
Copywriter/Marketing Consultant

“I’m a good writer, but I haven’t always been a productive one. Often, I get distracted while I write and seem to lose energy and focus. Nick’s Writing Rituals gave me a concrete plan to tackling each writing project—large or small–in as efficient a manner as possible. Now, by mapping and visualizing each project, I accomplish in four or five hours what formerly took me eight. And, because my distractions are limited, I write with greater clarity and focus. The bottom line? I’m writing more and making a lot more money.”

Bob Ellal

How much does Writing Rituals cost?

This is a 48-page, high-value guide which could very well double your writing productivity and income.

And the price is just $6.25.

“Brilliant! Nick, you’ve found a way for me to wrap my head around what it is I do every day – and gave me a framework for how to find more joy in writing for my clients.

I was formally trained as an anthropologist, and have studied rituals all my academic life. But, it never dawned on me to ritualize my work as a writer.

Despite the fact that I knew rituals are transformational; that they take the participant from one state of being into another…I never chose to apply them to the work I so dearly love. My perspective is forever changed. Thank you!”

Kim Stacey
Boulder Creek, California