My main focus is now on a whole new project and website…

conversational copywriting

I’ve been writing posts for this site for over 15 years now… and I’ll continue to do so… occasionally.

But for two or three years now I have been spending most of my time on a whole new project and website.

This is a real passion project for me. It’s something I’ve been leading up to for decades.

And it comes with a full-length course.

What’s this new project of mine?

It’s about Conversational Copywriting… check it out…

3 thoughts on “My main focus is now on a whole new project and website…”

  1. Hi Nick

    Is this project going to be available through AWAI?

    I’m looking forward to the Bootcamp again, will you be there? I’d like to come and say hi.

    Oh and do you have an affiliate program for the course?

    • Ian, hi. No, this isn’t available through AWAI. Yes, I’ll be at Bootcamp. And yes, the Conversational Copywriting course has an affiliate program. See you at Bootcamp! : )

  2. Hi Nick,
    Your new project on Conversational Copywriting seems to be a good and honest approach to selling. It is also a transparent and ethical way of selling. Looking forward to more posts.

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