Monday Spark: If you believe in your plan, don’t give up.

don't give upI have a coaching client who, alongside his writing work, is working to launch a stand-alone business aimed at the boomer generation.

He’s excited by the business idea, because the information he wants to share is so important and timely. Give him a few minutes of your time, and you’ll be hooked.

As part of the plan to develop and launch his business he recently booked a meeting room for two evenings. We wanted to fill the seats and then run through his presentation.

He has back-end products, but his plan at this stage was simply to get his message in front of an audience and measure their response. It was a test run.

Once he had booked the room, which would seat about 30 people, he then ran an ad in his local paper. He ran it three times in the run-up to his event.

On the first evening he arrived, set up and got ready to start.

Two people turned up.

What did he do? He carried on and gave a full 90-minute presentation to this couple. They loved it.

He went back on the second night and set up again.

Nobody turned up.

What did he do? He carried on and gave the full presentation to an empty room.

Why? Because it gave him the opportunity to practice his speech.

To me, that is the definition of perseverance and courage.

He didn’t pack up and go home, his tail between his legs. Nor did he give up on his idea.

He knows his idea is good. He knows there is a business there. And now he knows that he is going to have to take a different approach to marketing his message and filling those seats.

How about you? Would you have stayed? Or would you have driven home and felt defeated?

Here’s my take on it: If you believe in your plan, don’t give up.

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About the author: Nick Usborne is an online writer, copywriter, author and coach.



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