What have you done to promote your freelance business today?

marketing your freelance businessToo many freelancers, particularly those who have just started out, think that promoting their business is something that needs to be done occasionally.

Not so.

Promoting and marketing your business is something you should be doing on a daily basis.

Every day? Yes, even if it’s something small.

If you are wondering what you could do on a daily basis, I have compiled a suggestion list for you. It is divided into 3 sections – Push, Pull & Engage.

Push marketing is when you deliberately get in front of a prospect and pitch your services.

Pull marketing is when you create and publish content that a prospect might find, consume, and be impressed by.

Engage marketing is when you join the conversation, interact with your peers and prospects, and nurture relationships with people who could become clients.

Here are some of the things you could have done this week:

Push Marketing…

Phone a prospective client or past client.

Email a list of prospective clients.

Snail mail a letter or postcard to a list of prospective clients.

Speak at a local business meeting.

Pull Marketing

Publish a post or article on your own website.

Approach other publishers who accept guest posts or articles.

Call the producer of a radio show which has segments on business.

Upload a document to Scribd.com.

Upload a short presentation to Slideshare.com.

Upload a video to YouTube.

Engage Marketing

Network through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

Find and join relevant groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Attend relevant MeetUps in your area.

Be a generous commenter on relevant blogs.

Have a coffee or lunch with a prospect or colleague.

In other words, it isn’t hard to do something every day.

My list certainly isn’t complete. But there is enough there for you to compile your own calendar of marketing activities, and do SOMETHING each day of the week.

Don’t always do the same, easy thing. Mix it up.

And while doing something small, each day, can add up to a powerful ongoing campaign, also think about making a big splash from time to time.

Above all, remember that for freelancers there are no days off when it comes to marketing. Promoting yourself and your services needs to be a part of every work day.

About the author: Nick Usborne is an online writer, copywriter, author and coach.

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3 thoughts on “What have you done to promote your freelance business today?

  1. I wake up an hour earlier each day so I can get my social networking done 😉 It is quiet and a great time to connect with people, especially on Linkedin and twitter…Thanks for sharing some great ideas.

  2. Thanks for the great ideas, Nick! Sometimes I get so caught up in thinking everything I do should be big, that I neglect to do something everyday, even if it’s small. With your lists in mind, I’m going to create a marketing calendar that will take me through the end of February. Then, I’ll see where I’m at, what’s working/what’s not, and create one for March…and so on. Thanks again!

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