Monday Spark: 12 Ways for freelancers to lift their spirits and stay positive.

As you probably know, the whole idea of these Monday Spark posts is to add a little positivity to the beginning of our weeks.

Each Monday I post about something I think and hope will give you a little boost or lift in some way.

Why? First, because most of us could do with a small boost on a Monday morning. Second, because I think freelancers are particularly susceptible to mood swings.

I’m not saying we are moody, although some of us probably are. But I do believe we are susceptible to the emotional ups and downs of the freelance life.

If we end a week on a high note, with a check in the mail and a big new project from our favorite client, we will likely start on Monday with a bounce in our step. Absent any disasters, we’ll probably feel good for the rest of the week.

On the other hand, if we end the week on a down note, with payments delayed and a promised project cancelled, we’ll likely start the next week with a cloud over our heads.

Why are we so touchy and sensitive to these ups and downs? Because we work alone. It’s all down to us. Everything. The work, the marketing, the negotiating, the administration, the bookkeeping, and so on. We even have to be our own cheerleader, and on some days that’s not easy to do.

That’s why I write these posts.

And today I am sharing a short slideshow, featuring the core idea behind 12 of the Sparks I have published over the last few months. Each slide shares something you could do today to help lift your spirits.

If there is something else you do that works to brighten your own days, please share through the comments box below. Maybe I’ll be able to include it in a follow-up post one day.

Enjoy the slideshow.

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