My favorite question when working with a coaching client… It’s a good one!

When I’m coaching a freelancer or solopreneur, I actually ask a lot of different questions. That’s a big part of what it means to be a good coach.

Many of those questions I’ll ask during the first one or two sessions. It’s how we feel our way forward…teasing out answers that can help you break new ground.

After that, we start working through the 6-week process you’ll see outlined on my coaching information page.

But I still have one more question that I’ll throw out at any time. Honestly, I usually ask it several times over the course of a few weeks.

It’s an incredibly powerful question.

OK… enough of the suspense and “slow reveal”.

My question is this:

“Who says?”

Just two words. But oh boy… those words can unlock a whole new future for you.

Here are some examples of statements a freelancer might make, followed by my response:

“This niche is too competitive. I’ll never get noticed, let alone find work.”

“Who says?”

“I’m not ready to start going after really big clients.”

“Who says?”

“The prices are pretty much set in this niche. I can’t just step up and charge twice as much as all my competitors.”

“Who says?”

“I’d love to build my brand and get more exposure by speaking at industry events. But there’s no way I can do public speaking.”

“Who says?”

Answer that simple, two-word question and you’ll set yourself free.

Our whole lives we have listened to people telling us what we can’t do.

“You’re not good enough to try out for the football team.”

“School band? You don’t have a musical bone in your body.”

“You don’t have what it takes to get to college.”

“Don’t even bother asking for that promotion. You’re not ready for it.”

“Don’t try landing a project from a company that big. You’ll never get it.”

Seriously? Who says???

And yes, I can answer that for you.

Most of the time it’s YOU who says you can’t.

It might have been a parent, teacher or trusted friend who first told you about the things you can’t do.

Maybe you tried out for the school play aged 8, and were so nervous you couldn’t get through a single sentence without stuttering, or breaking into a sweat. Maybe the drama teacher said, “Well kid, I guess you were never meant to be on the stage!”

The teacher said it once. But here you are, 30 years later, saying, “I can’t speak at industry events. I was never meant to be on the stage!”

All of us do this. Someone once set a “limit” on what we can and can’t do… and we just keep repeating and reinforcing that believe… all on our own.

This is called a self-limiting belief. It’s a closed door that prevents you from moving forward and achieving more in life and business.

That one question… Who says?.. is a key that can help unlock that door.

That’s why I keep repeating myself in some of my coaching sessions…

“Who says?” “Who says you can’t?”  “Who says that’s not possible?”

If you’d like to unlock that door for yourself, and get rid of some self-limiting beliefs of your own, find out more about my coaching service.

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