Monday Spark: 1000 Awesome Things [VIDEO]

happy momentsIf you haven’t visited Neil Pasricha’s blog,, you should check it out.

And if you watch the video below you can hear about how and why he started the site.

In brief, he had been through a few tough years, and was looking for a way to bring some smiles and happiness back into his life. He started to write this blog. Each day he wrote about one of the small pleasures of life. Nothing big or special – just a little thing.

For example, he has written about the pleasure of standing at the end of a long line at the supermarket checkout, seeing a new line open up, and jumping over to be first in new line. Nice.

Little things like that happen to us every day. Maybe we get to see the sun rise, or a bird bathing in a bird bath, a sprinkling of fresh snow, or a three year old blowing the seeds off a dandelion.

These are the kinds of things he writes about.

Why is his blog and his message so popular? Because he doesn’t write about the big, unusual wins in life, like winning the lottery. He writes the little things that all of us can notice and appreciate every day.

In other words, he makes it easier for us to take pleasure in life.

That’s a great attitude. If we could all recognize that something pleasurable and worth noticing happens to us each day, I think we would all be a lot happier.

Try it yourself. Keep your eyes open, and watch for those small pleasures. They happen, but sometimes we are just too busy to notice them.

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