3 Ways to diversify your digital copywriting services in the age of AI.

expanding copywriting services to include AI

This year we’ll see some significant advances in the field of AI. And yes, some of those advances will impact our work as freelance copywriters.

It’s time to lean in and get ahead of the curve.

You need a plan. And that plan can’t be “Sit tight and do nothing”. The way things are, you can get ahead and profit from the rise of AI. Or you can fall behind.

There’s no middle ground. Sitting tight means falling behind.

Part of that plan could be to diversify the services you offer as a writer, and include one of two services that focus on AI.

Take a look at the services page on your website, or your LinkedIn profile, and think about adding one of the following…

AI Content Creation Services

When it comes to content like blog posts and social media updates, AI tools like ChatGPT make it possible to create ten times the content in the same period of time.

But, as most of us know by now, you can’t just type in any prompt and then publish ChatGPT’s first draft.

By providing AI Content Creation Services, you can help your clients in a number of ways. Help them brainstorm topics. Help them come up with prompts that will deliver quality, on-brand outputs. And, of course, all AI output needs revising by a human writer… you.

Long story short… when companies start generating a ton more content with the help of AI, they’ll need expert help to ensure they’re creating the right kind of high-quality content.

And the person to help them can be you.

AI Workflow Consulting

This is a step up from being an AI content creator. As an AI Workflow Consultant you’ll be helping companies adapt their content delivery workflows to accommodate the increased volume of new material.

This will likely involve some changes to their internal processes. Are they set up to create content at this kind of volume? Do they have the people and resources to accommodate and execute on a significant increase in activity?

Who approves all this new content? Who checks for accuracy, and potential plagiarism? Does their legal department need to get involved to address any privacy concerns?

How does all this new content connect with and support ongoing promotional campaigns? Who needs to be at the table when all this is being discussed and set up?

The point being, when a business dramatically upscales anything, that change ripples out and impacts multiple workflows.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, I bet there are tens of thousands of companies out there looking for an AI Workflow Consultant, right now.

Emotional Intelligence Integration

This is something I have written about a lot.

One of the problems with thousands of companies all using the same AI tools, with the same “Top 50 Prompts”, is they fall into what I call the Sameness Trap. All their copy begins to feel the same.

And no company wants that… they want their copy and content to sound unique. Thet want to use AI, but without losing their points of differentiation.

You can do that for your clients by adding a layer of emotion to the AI output. The nuances of human emotion are something AI struggles to understand. And, as any seasoned copywriter will tell you, emotion is the most powerful hook of all when it comes to engaging your audience, and converting prospects into buyers.

This is why I created a whole new course on combining AI with Emotional Intelligence. The course is called Futureproof Copywriting, and it teaches you how to add value to AI output by layering in a high level of Emotional Intelligence.

It also provides the foundational knowledge you’ll need to hang out your shingle as an AI Content Creation provider, or an AI Workflow Consultant.

You can learn more about the Futureproof Copywriting course here…

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