Are you an opportunity-seeker or an entrepreneur?

dreaming of freelance success

As freelancers we all need to invest in our futures by learning.

This means subscribing to some newsletters, listening to podcasts, buying relevant business books, and sometimes investing more heavily in online courses, products or programs.

But before you take the leap and invest a few hundred or thousand dollars in that next program, think carefully about what you are doing, and why.

Many years ago, I remember Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren talking about the difference between opportunity-seekers and entrepreneurs. I can’t even remember now whether they were talking about this in an article, a video or recording.

But the topic really resonated with me.

As a professional freelancer, and a coach, here’s my take on the subject.

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To maximize your freelance income, find the gap.

finding the right gap or niche for your freelance business

This is something of a mantra for me: Find the gap!

Too many freelancers build up a body of expertise in a particular area and then dive straight in.

Maybe they decide to be a writer or copywriter in the alternative health industry. Or the financial industry. Or the software industry.

They choose those industries because they are interested in them.

But there is a problem here. If you jump into an industry or industry niche without first figuring out whether there is a gap for you to work in, then you’ll be competing head-to-head with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of other freelancers.

You don’t want to do that. You don’t want to have to compete with other freelancers for every job that comes up.

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The 4 Elements of Building Your Brand as a Freelance Copywriter.

Too many freelancers believe that creating a brand starts and ends with the creation of a clever logo and a nifty tagline.

Not so.

The final expression of your brand, in words and images, comes right at the end of the process of brand creation.

Why? Because, as a freelancer, your brand is YOU. You can’t create your business without putting yourself front and center. It’s your skills and expertise people will be buying.

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After working alone for over 35 years, I now have a full-time assistant. And it’s an AI.

I’ve been using ChatGPT a lot recently. But for the most part, I haven’t been using it to write content or copy.

I’ve been using it as a brainstorming buddy and an information-cruncher.

As an example, here’s how I’ve been using ChatGPT to help me update the coaching page on my website.

I used to do a lot of one-on-one coaching with freelancers. Then I paused for a while. This year I’m going to start again. But before I do any promotion, I wanted to update my information page.

First, I thought I’d do a little brainstorming.

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