Can I use these 21 Copywriting Hacks BEFORE I start writing?

This question is from Elizabeth, who took my 21 Copywriting Hacks course.

She asks, “I understand your reasons for applying a checklist of copy hacks to your copy before sending it to the client. But why not just apply the hacks right at the beginning, when you first write the copy?”

And the good question keep on coming…

First – for anyone who isn’t familiar with this course – the 21 Copywriting Hacks course was created to help you improve your own sales copy… at that point just before you submit it to your client.

– The first 5 hacks helps you make the headline as powerful as possible.

– The next 10 help you ensure your body copy is super-persuasive.

– And the 6 final hacks helps you optimize the call to action.

The hacks are a way to make sure you always submit your best work.

So… as Elizabeth suggests… why not just apply the hacks at the outset, when you start writing?

You can. Absolutely.

But I suggest applying them towards the end, shortly before submitting your copy to your client, for a very specific reason.

That reason being… we seem to have a blind spot right before we send off our copy.

We miss typos. We are blind to weak spots. And we’ll even argue with ourselves internally to persuade ourselves it’s OK to let the copy go. It’s like we just want to get rid of it. Get it done and gone.

We don’t have that same set of weaknesses at the beginning. When we start writing we are fully alert and our critical thinking is at its peak.

That’s why I suggest applying the hacks at the end of the process.

It forces us into making improvements at the time are most likely to close our eyes, and deliver work that is nowhere near our best.

It stops us sending off copy that isn’t yet good enough.

Learn more about my course – 21 Copywriting Hacks That Deliver Quick & Easy Wins.




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