Don’t set your fees based on the “morning you” you see in the bathroom mirror.

freelancer looking in the bathroom mirror

If you’re anything like me, you’re not at your most impressive when you look in the mirror each morning.

This is all fine and normal, so long as you don’t mix “morning you” with “professional you”.

And yes, it matters a great deal that you create a quite separate professional persona.

As a freelance writer I have gone to considerable trouble to position myself as a true expert.

I have written hundreds of articles, spoken at dozens of conferences, had a book published by a major publisher, and so on.

In other words, I have positioned myself as an expert in my field. I have created a high-value professional persona.

But here’s a mistake I have made in the past, and am still in danger of making from time to time…

When it comes to pricing my services, I sometimes price according to “morning me”, that person I see in the mirror.

When I do that, I’m pricing the services of myself as the individual I know and recognize. But “morning me” is just a very regular person.

As a result, I am always in danger if under-charging for my services.

What I should be doing is pricing according to the perception and persona I have created.

All those years of writing and speaking have elevated my professional persona. Prospective clients don’t see me as I see myself in the mirror. They see me an expert, with the skills and experience they need for a particular project or task.

I should always price my services according to the professional persona I have worked so hard to create.

At times it may be hard even to get an accurate feel for your own professional persona, or its perceived value.

If that is the case, Google yourself. See if others have written about you or have referenced your work or writing.

One way or another, just be sure that you don’t price your work according to how you are seen by yourself, or by your partner, children or neighbours.

Price yourself according to the professional persona you have created within your industry or niche.

This may sound obvious. But I bet the majority of freelance writers and copywriters underestimate their true value.

Think about it, and make sure you are not underselling yourself.

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