Lou Wasser’s recommendation for Nick Usborne’s Web Copywriting Guide

Go ahead: tell yourself that the time-honored principles of copywriting don’t change. So all you have to do once you land your first web copywriting assignment is to simply write. Jump in with both feet, and everything will work out, right? After all, you’re an entrepreneur, aren’t you? And risk is what an entrepreneur should embrace, isn’t it?

Whoaaa, big, big mistake! And I made that mistake the very first time I sat down to write a website for a client. Several weeks after I accepted the assignment (along with a respectable retainer), I received a phone call from the client. “Lou, is everything alright? It’s been awhile and I haven’t heard from you.”

I’ll spare you the many painstaking steps I had to go through, the agonizing trial and error I endured to save that first web copywriting assignment. Fortunately, when it came time to take on my second assignment, I discovered a better way. Not an easier way – for nothing worthwhile is ever easy. But a much better way. I ordered Nick Usborne’s Copywriting 2.0: Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts.

The difference between completing my first and second web copywriting assignments was profound. Like … well, the difference between learning golf on your own (is that even possible??) and engaging a competent golf coach.

Once I opened Nick’s guide, I felt immediate relief. It’s all laid out for you: getting to know your audience, writing for the search engines (spoiler alert: You write for the search engines by not writing for the search engines.), writing a home page, writing a landing page, writing great e-newsletters, writing blogs, writing promotional emails … and much, much more.

Now, every time I take on a new web copywriting assignment, my most fundamental step in the process is to consult Nick’s guide.

You should do the same.

Nick removes the mystique from web copywriting. He writes with love and respect. And answers every question you might have asked, as well as those you never thought to ask. It’s absolutely the most comprehensive web copywriting guide on the market you’re likely to find.

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